Genealogy Update, and Hamilton Genealogy Fair

Over the past few months I’ve been contacting or have been contacted by quite a few cousins on various platforms. I’m keeping track of them on Scrivener, which is actually a writing app (a fantastic app, I recommend it). Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all of the information I’ve gathered and all of the tips coming my way, but I’m working on organizing them. It’s a challenge not to want to do everything all at once! Sometimes I imagine that people think I have a lot of free time. Well, not anymore!

Because I am slowly evolving this passion of mine into a personal business I decided to get my feet wet by taking a beginner’s methodology course which eventually I can add to a Certificate in genealogy. There are a few options out there, but I believe focussing on Canadian genealogy would be wise. My course starts in December and lasts 8 weeks.

As a way of learning and also a way of giving back to my community I’ve volunteered to help with the founding of Ontario Ancestor’s Special Interest Group for Eastern Europe. It’s now live, so head over to Facebook or the OGS website to check it out. I will write more about it later, I’m sure.

On a personal research note, since discovering Laura Irene Beatrice Marshall’s forebears came from the founding families of the Hamilton area in the 1700s I’ve been expanding my search in this area. I’ve been to the Local History section of the Hamilton Public Library (HPL) a few times and have found maps, books, and newspaper articles on my family. I am organizing what I’ve found, so stay tuned. You can follow me on Instagram for some sneak peeks.

This Saturday you can find me at the HPL Genealogy Fair (Central Library, 4th Floor). OGS is trying to reinvigorate the Hamilton Branch and any support you can lend in promoting the Fair and the Branch would be greatly appreciated. I believe they need help in lookups, for example. If you are in the area come and say hello.

Until next time!

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