Genealogy Update, and Hamilton Genealogy Fair

Over the past few months I’ve been contacting or have been contacted by quite a few cousins on various platforms. I’m keeping track of them on Scrivener, which is actually a writing app (a fantastic app, I recommend it). Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all of the information I’ve gathered and all of the tips … More Genealogy Update, and Hamilton Genealogy Fair

Essex Beginnings

I have joined the Essex Society for Family History (UK) in the last month. I received a letter from them a few days ago and I had some geeky excitement in receiving a letter at all and the fact it came by Royal Mail! They also seem to have a sense of humour: I am … More Essex Beginnings

Happy Canada Day!

I’d like to wish all my Canadian friends and family a very happy long weekend. I also send out greetings to those with Canadian ancestry, like my newly found cousins Janet and Colleen and families! Janet and Colleen are descendants from my Marshall line which has been confirmed via DNA. And, cousins of the Marshall … More Happy Canada Day!

Hello, World!

I’ve been thinking about starting a family history blog for some time now, and after spending a year of intense focus on my own family tree and building my knowledge base (joining genealogy groups, watching webinars, attending talks and conferences, researching…) today I’ve decided to jump in with both feet! I’m hoping for this to … More Hello, World!